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quote attacks will stop when lapd states the truth about my innocence. he said when the truth comes out, the killings stop. in the newsroom abc 7 news. >> this is very disturbing. dorner first posted the manifesto here on his facebook page. it's been removed but much of the profile remains intact created just two and a half weeks ago appearing to be a photo buy yog graphy documenting live from early childhood to high school football. to time with los angeles police department and navy. profile includes several photos of diplomas and certificates of achievement, a variety of them including this one.
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and this photo with william bratton in 2006. of course, bratton just hired by the city of oakland the photo taken for an article. we're peegs a lot about his background together. stay with abc 7 news for coverage of the l.a. police shooter manhunt. we're going to update you during this newscast. whit happens we'll be here up and date you on this major story happening. >> bun violence is on the top of the list. abc 7 news joins us now from sacramento with more on the battle over guns. >> new york pass aid slew of bills, california loss says
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democrats here want that title back. >> 50 shots fired in a span of 50 seconds. the police chief says he needs help getting guns off the streets. >> i live a mile from that intersection. so i can tell thu is a quality of life issue. >> senate democrats unveiled bills in recent weeks they required a pemplit to purchase ammunition and weapons. but they now want to ban detachable magazines change definition of an el little shotgun to include new technology. and require all guns to be registered with the state.
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>> we need to lead the way. california needs to answer the call. >> bilz are infringement autos gun owners say this won't have stopped massa kerz like handy hook had they been enacted. >> what would stop killers is someone carrying a concealed permit. >> many families see the proposal as a step in the right direction. >> it's so awful to lose your child. and to lose nem this way. that many of us know we have to work on sparing other parents going through that. >> senate president expects swift approval for his package in the next few months but doesn't control the assembly it hasn't said yet whether it's on the same timetable. >> nompblg new bill forcing gun owners to purchase liability ex -- insurance
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making it mandatory to buy insurance before buying a new gun to encourage gun owners to take precaution autos want tone courage more people to get ed it indicated and to be storing guns and proper devices and again, for something like 67s aids year, it's a fairly minimal amount to really cover yourself. >> gun advocates see the bill as pointless because z.ritics believe criminals will just ignore the law. >> we're going to shift gears now and take a look outside. looks nice outside. scattered showers today helped put a minor dent in the dry weather we've been experiencing. there in columbus avenue north beach neighborhood this morning. sandhya patel joins us now. sandhya? >> yes. moisture starting to pick up in the north baichl i want to show you our radar that is tracking some showers.çymxç
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closer to the north bay you'll notice jenner we're seeing some light to moderate rain z i am watching this batch of moisture, it's possible we may get a brief pocket of showers moving through shortly here. looking north we're seeing mixed precipitation around cobb mountain towards mountains of the lake county areas so this is a cold system. the coldest part of the mass about to arrive. about 2 ngts san jose. third of an nimpblg mount st. helena. and don't put umbrellas away yet we have more showers in the forecast. back with details. >> and google hoping to have one way to take off and land
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it's jet any time. and the city aviation leadin leading -- leader as agree saying in a memo an offer to build a private airport in san jose for google should be approved. that is according to a report in the campbell patch. now the city agrees to build a private airport other large jets could use it as well. not just google. >> lease looking for a man who escaped custody by stealing a police van. police looking for this man and say he is a big man so they put anymore two sets of handcuffs. he took advantage of the situation and slipped the cuffs to his front then jumped in and took off. he was arrested for violationing his probation. >> san jose annual state of
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the city address just an hour half away. the mayor plans to layout goals for the city including restoring pay to worker who's took cuts and in order to do that the mayor says a tax increase is needed and not everyone is willing to pay. >> we are saying too much. >> yes. yes. maybe this will be good. >> we have to go to the ballot. to get voter permission in 2014.j7ñew this depends on voter support. we've done polling. >> that poll found 70% of the voters support a quarter percent increase. hike. >> a search of a shipping container turned up thousands of rounds of ammunition. customs seized 2300 rounds hidden in air filters in cars bound for among yola. the ammo
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and vehicles were seized last month. no(ñ criminal charges have been filed. >> muni official as announced changes to the way it maintains cable car lines following yesterday's accident that injured several passengers and two crew members. a bolt from a plate came loose yesterday. that caused to it jury the crew and passengers. >> in addition to looking at switches is once per week we'll make sure we put tension on the bolts to make sure that they're all secured properly. >> officials say it probably came lose from normal wear and tear. >> amazing. >> yes. >> that trouble.
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>> coming up door toí
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right now sky 7 is live over a rally soon turning into a protest march against san francisco police this, is 24th and mission streets. the scene of a controversial arrest last month. a black community college student was taken down hard by two officers.
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police substation area. >> some jewelry found last week is back in the hands of it's rightful owner. police say a worker found a bag of jewelry in bushes in cabrillo neighborhood. police released these pictures hoping owners would come forward it and worked. it had been stolen during a burglary last month. >> right now there is a door to door scam goinglláñ on in san people coming to your house and try to sell magazine subdescriptions. they're said to be polite. this childrens charity uses fund-raiser to finance expense autos new evidence of the health hazards of a traditional southern diet. researchers say people increase risks of stroke by more than 40% according to
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research out of the university of alabama at birmingham. found foods such as deep fried foods processed meats and drinks significantly increase stroke risk among afterickin americans. still, the study found foods as collard greens can cut the risk of stroke you may have heard an asteroid is heading for earth. we ask abc 7 news to put it into perspective. wayne? >> another rock as they call it fchl you're sifting on it now it would be getting bigger and bigger. this best way of looking ate might be if instruments weren't so good know how lucky we are. it wasn't long ago man kind lived in ignorance. then, we learned earth is round andqáis a moving target.
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>> dr. david is more aware than most of us. he is a perfect source for background on a space rock known as 2012, da 14 passing near earth february 15th. ever heard of it? >> this is cool. >> 17,000 miles or so. among one that's didn't hit use just look at the craters on the moon. >>f in 1908 there was a force stlonger than the first atom bomb. 2012's da 14 is slightly larger. we know this because nasa has a system÷ámñ to track such obje6
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>> there are many thousand more we have not yet found. >> we've identified ones a mile or bigger. and none of them is on a collision course with earth. >> that is a relief. as for little asteroids like one whizing by onqk÷hñ the 15th this only hits roughly once every thousand years or so. you probably wondering what would happen if it's came down over the bay area. >> do you want to know? >> this is a tourist attraction. >> on the positive side there is no chance of this returning to our neighborhood. a case of dodging the cosmic bullet then, deflecting. >> dan? >> that is on the positive side, thank you. on this subject, 66 million years ago a asteroid smashed
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into the gulf of mexico an event that two studies say gave rise to humans. both studieskf> don't tell anybody he's
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surprising with a valentine's gift. he's making a flip book showing son and daughter during a playful moment. >> my daughter gave max a kiss on the head. his reaction is turn around and punch her. >> he is using a flip book kit. it is one of hundreds of online services that allows to you create a personalized gift and produce it fast. >> that is adam rogers. >> you don't have to think of this stuff before christmas. you can say let me type this. >> wired gives options. stitcha gram sews photos into
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a pillow. a chocolate bar dotted with foods from bacon to fruity pebbles. then, there is flip book kit. this takes a video cutting it into 24 frames to make flip book. like this one. he spent hours on this, hardly a lazy cupid. >> there is more effort than ordering flowers. >> if you're watching this about it, not until after valentine's day. >> now, if you're more inclined to order a cousin roses for value len tin you're in luck. tonight at he 11:00 i'll have kykyc3ow to shop for the best deals on the best flowers and will show how well they've performed coming up here at 11:00. >> can't wait to see that.
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thank you. >> sure. >> let's talk about the weather forecast. >> yes. we are in a lull right now. the cold front came through in morning. the second part of the storm is upper level loww3p6ñ. san jose, you're seeing the sun, enjoyingítoca the sun, i h. temperatures got up to 55 degrees so a cooler day. checking out a live picture from a different perspective from our high definition camera. you can see beautiful sun there. we're seeing changing weather in a brief period of -- long period of no weather right now starting to pick up moisture we have a band of showers moving into the north bay right now. you can see moderate rainfall
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now. taking you into the area we're seeing yellow here indicating pockets of rain. rainfall. to the north it's coldest part of the system. that is coming and that is what we're watching for the bands of showers to arrive later on this evening. we have chain controls so keep that in mind. >> you can see it's cool out there. low to mid-50s. highlights, showers tonight. possible thunder. snow levels below 3,000 feet, dry milder weather in time for weekend plans. if you're attempting to head to the coast want to tell you high tides of the month starting now will continue friday and saturday so we do have a beach hazard statement. we can see low lying flooding
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just stay back from the coastline to watch from far away. cold front came through morning kmeet was wet. now watching for an area of low pressure. this is where showers of and going to make its way down towards the bay area. we'll see rain bands arriving so. 7:00 p.m. tonight you can see along the north bay and san francisco coast and the showers will continue to rotate through. midnight we may be seeing mixed precipitation so cold enough that you may see snow levels lowering. that system continues at 5:00 a.m. it looks like this continues towards monterey bay until latter part of the morning. it's done and we'll see mostly sunny conditions for friday afternoon. additional rain totals a ten toj ac6,çi quarter inch for norh bay and east bay with this
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system just7x skirting the coast. in the sierra nevada winter weather advisory until 10:00 p.m. tonight. !az. tomorrow morning temperatures will be falling will he 30s toh mid-40s around coast and near the bay. youl see slick roadways so he could be slow going again. temperatures low to mid-50s for friday. sunny skies around the afternoon and could see more sprinkle was low to mid-50s. accu-weather forecast keeping thunderstorm threat in the forecast. then it's a drier milder forecast for weekend. and check out towards thursday. spring will be in the air by then. we're looking at mid-60s showing up. >> thank you very much. >> still to come the task for
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cats fund-raiser. electrical workers letting highest bidders decide which tattoos will grace their body autos a girl's launch of a hello kitty doll into the atmosphere. her dad explains how this unfolded. it's fascinating. it's fascinating. stay with ys of walking
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to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
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california kad my of science[ççr opened a new exhibt that is a big evolution from the previous one. j[ drew lots after tension today. the life size of lucy. this includes images that reconstruct faces on different skulls and in animation of how ourz+kg÷ species my great add cs the globe. >> very cool. >> two san francisco spca employees are putting their bodies up for auction. laura and daniel have tattoos
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around their skparms bodies and have space for more. that is why they're conducting an ebay auction. >> last year, i d i ended up with not one, but two tattoos. tomorrow they'll get a new tattoo during an adoptathon. by the way adoptions at san francisco spca are free all weekend long. very nice. laura, daniel
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coming up at 6:00 remember the man who drowned in a beach as rescue workers stood by and watched? why officials say they were not legally obligated to save him. and a surge in cell phone
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thefts. and then exclusive conversation with two local police chiefs who take the fight against crime personally. we ask if they can do >> thank you you don't want to miss the report. >> you can get ready for the for details of all of the nominee autos thanks this is "world news." tonight, manhunt. 10,000 police officers in los angeles, s.w.a.t. teams in helicopters, searching everywhere for this man. a former cop, said to be on a vengeful rampage. who is he? blizzard. millions of people warned to be ready for what could be the worst blizzard in a century. real money. are there easy ways to save big
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on spring vacations? what time of day should you buy your plane ticket? we save one family a lot of money. and, attention shoppers. the checkout woman at walmart, singing to make customers happy, discovers people across the country think she's already a star. good evening. as we come on the air, 10,000 law enforcement officers are trying to find a killer in los angeles, california. a sweeping manhunt, triggered by this man. a former policeman, accused of a shooting spree, targeting fellow cops and their families. and these images say it all. police officers on the hunt for someone who knows their codes, their moves. on highways, a request that commuters study license plates and call 911.

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